Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is an ongoing relationship. It is a series of conversations that produce insights, action, and results. I focus on the professional lives of my clients, but they experience breakthroughs in every area of life.


I am based in Minnesota, and I offer in-person meetings to locals or phone and video meetings if you’re based elsewhere.

THE PROCESS OF COACHING helps clients learn, take action, and improve the quality of their lives. A coach is trained to ask questions and provide insights that you would miss by keeping everything in your head.

More than a great conversation, though, coaching moves you into action, focusing on where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. The actions you take out of coaching will move you toward your goals.

Tell me your story

First, I will listen. I’ll listen to your story, your success, and your struggles. We will chat and laugh and get to know each other.

Where you are and want to go

We’ll get clear about where you are and where you want to go, and I will help show you the steps that can help you get there. You may find yourself there in time, or you may want to refine and change your goals as you progress.

You choose topics

You will choose the topic during our conversations, and I will listen, contribute, and ask questions. I will suggest actions, or the next step may become clear to you.

Work and life

My work centers around your professional objectives—whether you work for yourself or someone else. While we can (and likely will) discuss other areas of your life, we typically do so in service of your professional goals.

New Goals

As you advance towards your goals, new hurdles may show up. I’m here to keep you moving forward.

This isn’t therapy

While we will discuss some big topics, I like to laugh and have fun. These aren’t therapy sessions—we can keep it lighthearted and still have breakthroughs.